Camden calling 

London is one of my favourite cities to be in. There’s a certain atmosphere about it that feels hopeful and magical. Specifically, I am utterly in love with Camden Town. This stems from both a nostalgic feel; I used to visit often with my uncle or parents, and a love for all things vintage, ethic and generally quirky. I spent the last weekend there, visiting my friend in Hendon Central. As always, the short visit was a delight to my sense s, so let me take you on a small photographic journey of my day and night. 

First comes a rather typical picture of Camden Lock that almost every tourist will take in their own personal way, despite the fact they all end up looking pretty similar. There’s something quite kitsch about a place with its own name in (metaphorical) shining lights. Camden Lock has a historical basis, and it thrived much more when I used to dawdle around it as a child. There’s still plenty of independent stalls and beautiful jewellery and housing accessories to fears your eyes on. 

  Street art is up there with the reasons as to why I love London. This little gem resulted in my friend dragging me across the road to beat the traffic. Worth it. 
Food. Camden Town is acclaimed for it. No matter whether you fancy Chinese, mexican, Jamaican or a Nutella crepe, the wooden rustic food court will have you sorted. One thing that has never changed is the onslaught of stall owners waggling food in your face in case this, coupled with non sensical mumbling, will sway your food decisions.   
This picture was taken by the stall owner, who posts pictures of her most trendy (mind me as I toot my own horn) customers and puts it on her Instagram page, Fridayonmymindvintage. For anyone who loves a good funky shirt to get those vibes going will be in heaven amongst racks and racks of moderately priced nans-curtains-but-in-a-good-way shirts for men and women. In this photo I’m wearing Topshop shoes and denim jacket and culottes from boohoo. 

Some scenic pictures. Awe-struck tourist personified. 

You will not want for shops such as this one. They are filled with ethnic delights that you just want to fill your home with. As my bank wouldn’t permit it, I left only with a beautiful black and gold bed throw /tapestry with a circle of elephants. 

Cue night time, when this named bridge is just too good to not take a picture of, despite the fact I do it every.single.time. 

Who can resist some Christmas lights to pave the way to your drunken night. 

This picture is merely here to showcase my vintage polo neck jumper, that I am so obsessed with I may wear it every day from now on. It’s feels like you’re wrapped in a duvet of comfy goodness. This was from Rokit vintage, a shop worth the visit of you have some time to trawl through packed hangers. 

This is inside The Monarch, a club which plays old school bangers like No Scrubs. I dare you to not sing your heart out. Friday night is Pineapple, named so as if you take a pineapple along you get free entry. We were unsure as to what they would do with a mound of fruit. 

Electric ballroom was our next stop, a place so large it’s impossible to not loose your companions.

As a side note, Cyberdog, The stables market and Cuban bar are all worth a mooch around. 


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