Little tea shop of horrors: an Octeaber delight.

Today I learnt that tea and charity go hand in hand. Laura Evans, self-proclaimed tea fanatic, set up an afternoon of brew tasting to raise money for SYEDA. I went along, initially skeptical of how much I would enjoy the tea aspect. Instead I can safely say I left there as a tea convert. The proof of this lies in the brown paper bags filled with loose tea leaves that now reside in my backpack.

  The event was held at Mugen Tea House, a lovely place on Scotland Street, Sheffield, which serves delicious cakes, sandwiches and all the tea you could desire. My senses were inundated with floral, vanilla and ginger aromas which wafted from their pots throughout the quaint shop. If tea isn’t really your bag (no pun intended) there were also an array of cakes on offer, curtasey of the tea shop and Patissere Rose. Delightfully circular white and peppermint coloured macarons sat on a plate like delicious sugary soldiers and I swiftly eyed up some nearby brownies. With my tastebuds alive and alert, Laura kicked off the tea tasting at just gone 2pm, so we all grabbed a tiny ornate teacup and listened to a list of the first flavours on offer. There are 31 days in October and there were 31 tea leaf options on offer. 

  Those with the most refined palette wrote witty one liner reviews to accompany each cup drank and the most cheer-inducing of them all won the owner a prize at the end. They were read out by Laura, also known as The Tea Witch, and after each round there was at least one which made her question the sanity of the writer reponsible. 

5 rounds of sipping, talking and reviewing later and I had a few favourites in mind, as well as some impressive caffeine shakes. People were there to widen their tea experience, have fun and do it all in the name of a good cause. We were all consuming abnormal amounts of tea so that more people in Sheffield who suffer with eating disorders can be given more support. The proceeds of the event, from tickets, a raffle and donations, are going to South Yorkshire EatingDisorder Assocation. They bridge the gap for people who aren’t given the support they need from the NHS.

225,000 people in the UK alone suffer from an eating disorder, say Beat 2015, and many fall through the over stretched NHS net. As an ex-sufferer myself it’s so reassuring to know that generous people out they are doing their all to support charities like SYEDA. 

The Octeaber events are finishing off with a Halloween themed wrap party on November 1st, named final des-tea-nation. For more information about this you can follow Theteawitch blog. 


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